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Petra recently played her magical harp at a dinner fundraiser for Devereux of Florida. Her music was enjoyed through out the evening and made the event extra special. Petra gave her time, talent and the music came from her heart.

Petra, Your music was lovely and perfect for the Devereux Dinner Fundraiser hosted by Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Your musical selections added a wonderful touch and made the evening very special. Elegantly performed, truly a labor from the heart.

Petra, We cannot thank you enough for all your support. Devereux is proud to have you as a friend – your music made the Devereux Dinner Fundraiser special for all that attended. We look forward to a long, lasting relationship and look forward to hearing you play again – you inspire and enrich our lives.

Your music was very much enjoyed, beautiful and your talent amazing. Our group home Children are very grateful and appreciative for all your help.
Locking forward to seeing you again!
Many thanks! Barb

Barbara Lupton
Devereux Development
Special Project Coordinator

DEVEREUX  Palm Bay, Florida 

Petra has been offering harp music as a volunteer at the hospice house. Petra’s approach is respectful and uplifting for both patients and families.

It is interesting to observe patient’s reactions to the music. The reactions are as varied as the patients are. Most are more relaxed. Often breathing patterns reflect this. Some show a general relaxation response of increased muscle relaxation and a more regular breathing pattern.

Petra seems to have a gift for matching the music with the patient’s need. She has helped us soothe confused, agitated patients successfully. I have also seen a patient that seemed to release some inner turmoil as she played.

Hospice families are very appreciative of the healing music that Petra provides. At times we have patient’s who do not practice a religion, yet seem to connect spiritually to the music.

Music therapy is important in hospice, as hearing is the sense that patients retain well into the dying process. Petra is skillful, likable, sensitive and kind. Her presence and musical expertise is a true gift that makes the dying experience richer for all.

Patricia Bratiany RN PHD © Holistic Nurse-Board Certified.

It is my pleasure to write about Petra Trevino’s musical skills. She is a harpist whose excellent skills produce beautiful music in versatile settings.

Petra is a Certified Music Practitioner as a recent graduate of the Music for the Healing and Transition Program.

In the course of her musical internship in Health First’s health care settings, I observed Petra’s interaction with the staff and patients. She demonstrated professionalism and an impressive  ability to relate musically to each patient’s needs. Feedback from patients and their families indicated her music produced a positive response in their healing regimen.
She customizes her repertoire to appeal to each patient’s responsive tonality and is able to achieve a bond resulting in a productive outcome.

I always look forward to hearing Petra play one of her harps.

Diana Monda, MSW
Oncology Social Worker

Holmes Regional Medical Center

Working as a hospice nurse at an inpatient unit, I always thought my work was very rewarding but I had no idea that music therapy could enhance what I was doing by the magnitude that it has. When Petra first showed up with her harp, my first thought was, she is going to be in my way, but as she took her harp to the bedside of one of my dying patients and played so beautifully I was truly amazed at the level of calmness that overtook the room and all who were able to hear here. Now when I go to work I wish Petra could be a part of my day as well as my patients. What she does is so valuable and beautiful at the same time that my nursing career has truly witnessed one of life’s greatest gifts, the gift of comfort through music.

Dianne Wilkins R.N.  

Dear Petra,

Thank you for playing for the Parisian Dinner to benefit Devereux. Everyone enjoyed the music. You are a special blessing. Your kindness is greatly appreciated,

In His Love,